Buena Resources

Buena was founded in 1993 as an environmental services company. Buena provides property assessments as Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II site investigations for defining the type and extent of contamination plume on a particular site, and Phase III remediation work. The remediation work may consist of simply removal and disposal of the contaminant or treatment of the material in-situ. Buena has utilized vapor extraction to remove gasoline contaminant, ex-situ bio remediation of oils and solvent chemicals and in-situ bioremediation with vapor extraction assist. Buena has closed hundreds of impacted sites in California and Mexico for Pemex Oil. Buena also has now began work as a General Engineering contractor working on general civil projects. These include drainage and road work, demolition work and oil field support work.

Buena has just completed a $1.7 MM project for Southern California Gas Company at their Northridge Alisos Canyon gas storage facility. This work consisted of removal of a large slide and construction of concrete swales and culvert drainages, construction of a new section of paved road, and demolition of several pipelines and foundations for the facility.